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World’s Strangest Buildings

Last week we brought you the World’s Weirdest Stadiums courtesy of This Blog Rules, and now we hope you’re up for a few of the World’s Strangest Buildings. Pulled together by Travel + Leisure, this list takes a look at eye-popping, head-turning buildings from around the globe.

The Bar Code Building in St. Petersburg, Russia lies near the banks of the Neva River. This trade complex transforms the world’s most ubiquitous symbol of commerce – the bar code – into a bold architectural motif.

The Birmingham branch of Selfridges, a popular British department store, is a billowy mattress of a building, that’s covered in 15,000 shimmery aluminum discs. Designed by Future Systems, it’s intended to be a catalyst for the revitalization of a rather bland city center.

Affectionately known as the toilet-shaped house, this building was designed and created by the World Toilet Organization. It’s intended to celebrate the cultural centrality of the toilet and raise awareness of the plight of the world’s toilet-less. Hmm. Okay.

A leftover from the 1958 World’s Fair, the Atomium is a gigantic replica of an iron crystal molecule and is meant to symbolize “the peaceful use of atomic energy for scientific purposes.” Five of its nine spheres are accessible to visitors, as is its maze of interconnecting tubes.

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