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World’s Scariest Rollercoasters – Videos

We told you about the world’s steepest roller coaster last week. Now, thanks to Travel + Leisure, you can check out videos of the World’s Scariest Roller Coasters. As roller coasters continue to push the extremes of acceleration, speed, and corkscrew-like inversions, what does it take to be among the world’s scariest? The answer turns out to be highly personal; there’s little consensus among even the most discerning riders about the recipe for a good scare. Watch a few of these videos and decide for yourself…

Steel Dragon 2000, Japan

Where: Nagashima Spa Land in Mie Prefecture. Scary Stat: Slow climb to a 306-foot drop.

Kingda Ka, New Jersey

Where: Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson. Scary Stat: 456-foot drop.

Formula Rossa, United Arab Emirates

Where: Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. Scary Stat: 149 mph.

Intimidator 305, Virginia

Where: King’s Dominion in Doswell. Scary Stat: 305 feet in no time.

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