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World’s happiest people live here…

Eight out of ten countries that have the happiest population are located in Europe, shows the World Happiness Report. World’s happiest people live here … in Switzerland. The UN report has mapped the status of 158 countries based on factors such as economy, expected length of life, freedom and corruption.

“This report shows how to achieve social welfare. It is not about money, but about justice, honesty, trust and good health”, says Jeffrey Sachs from Columbia University in New York, one of the researchers behind the report. Switzerland tops this year’s list, closely followed by Iceland, Denmark and Norway. Finland is on the sixth place and Sweden is on place number eight. US won the 15th place, UK 21st place, Germany 26th and France is on the place 29. Least satisfied are those living in Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Benin, Syria, Burundi and Togo, according to the report .

Ten happiest countries in the world:

1. Switzerland


Alps in Switzerland

2. Iceland


The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

3. Denmark


Copenhagen, Denmark

4. Norway


Lofoten, Northern Norway

5. Canada


Toronto, Canada

6. Finland


Helsinki, Finland

7. Netherlands


Field of tulips, Netherlands

8. Sweden


Stockholm, Sweden

9. New Zealand


Auckland, New Zealand

10. Australia