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World’s Best Ice Hotels

Perhaps it is time to try something different and switch white beaches with palms to other unforgettable experiences. Maybe it is time to try a bit colder alternatives such as ice hotels?

Countries in Northern part of the world, such as Canada and Scandinavia, offer a wide range of cold accommodations for you to experience. During the day you can take a tour on a sledge dragged by dogs in a winter landscape, enjoy a delicious meal made of deer in a restaurant in the evening and then fall asleep on a big block of ice in a warm sleeping bag. Why not just take a drink in “ice bar” from a glass made of ice?

Northern lights, reindeer soup and cocktail glasses made of ice. Here are the world’s best ice hotels listed by “The Independent”. 

Snow Castle in Kemi, Finland


This hotel has 21 rooms and it looks like a large castle. Snow Castle celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. It is rebuilt every winter and has it´s own chapel and restaurant. Here you can feast on specialities such as reindeer soup while sitting at a table made of ice. The indoor temperature is five degrees below zero.

Le Village Igloo, France


Slide down the piste Bleue d’Arare or take the ski-lift to this group of igloos. In addition to three bedrooms there is also a cave decorated with snow and ice sculptures. If you are cold you can go to the bar which has a sun terrace .

Ice Hotel, Sweden

The Ice Hotel is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Every winter it takes 1,600 tons of snow and ice from the Torne River to build the hotel that is not expected to last until March. You can sleep on beds made of ice blocks covered with thick mattresses and reindeer skins. The room temperature should not drop below seven degrees below zero.

Iglu- Dorf Gstaad, Switzerland


This hotel has everything: from double rooms to rooms for six persons and all are individually designed. The resort has a private spa bath and a restaurant with a great chef.

Arctic Snow Hotel , Finland


The hotel is located above the Arctic Circle, so you have a chance to see the Northern Lights. Just ask the staff to wake you up when it appears. In some of the rooms you can see the northern lights while lying in bed. All furniture is made ​​of snow and ice here.

Hotel de Glace, Canada


The hotel is just minutes away from the centre of Quebec. The finest rooms have fireplaces and the hotel offers SPA packages. Here you can learn how to make cocktail glasses of ice.