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World’s Best Candy Stores

It’s certainly the perfect time of year for overindulgence, so this little list is appropriate. Travelers with a sweet tooth will enjoy Spot Cool Stuff’s selection of the 6 most interesting-looking, diabetes-inducing candy stores.

Candylicious – Dubai

This shop in the mammoth Dubai Mall is probably as close as you can come to a real-life Willy Wonka candy experience as one can get. The Candylicious flagship is 10,000 sq ft., making it the largest candy store in the world. Before you even get to the store you’ll likely see the Candylicous Car circling about. Highlights inside the store itself: a lollipop tree, a Candylicious Airplane kids can ride and an old-timey soda fountain.

Papabubble – Toyko

This chain of self-described “caramel artisans” have stores in Barcelona,Amsterdam, New York, Seoul and Taipei, but it is their Tokyo location that takes the cake…err, candy. At all Papabubbles you can watch candy being made in the store and dig into free samples. The Tokyo Papbubble is especially great because of the wacky Japanese candy designs, including candy sushi and giant caramel toothbrushes.

Hello Kitty Sweets – Taipei

Hello Kitty Sweets offers a culinary experience inspired by Japan’s famous cartoon cat. At the walk-in counter a selection of candies and chocolates are for sale. Beyond that there’s a dinning area where the store’s customers—comprised primarily of single middle-aged women and surprisingly unpopulated by any children—can feast on Hello Kitty cakes, pastries and even a few entrees.

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