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World Wide Wiener: Hot Dogs Around the World

Did the JapaDog make you want to book a trip to Vancouver? Then you should probably stop reading here, because this list – that takes a look a how wieners are served up ’round the globe – is sure to whet your appetite even more. A different kind of WWW, The World Wide Wiener: Hot Dogs Around the World, is NSBL (not suitable before lunch). Even though most people can’t tell you (nor do they want to think about) what’s actually in a hot dog, they’re apparently a favorite no matter where you travel.

This beauty is the Completo (complete with everything). Served up in Chile, it’s loaded with mayonnaise and topped with fixings like chopped avocado, relish, mustard, ketchup and green chili pepper. As a finishing touch, they prefer hot sauce over ketchup.

Among hundreds of sausage options, the Currywurst from Germany remains one of the most popular choices. In it, sliced wurst is served with a slightly spicy, curry-infused ketchup, then eaten with tiny wooden forks. The bun is served on the side, along with fries topped with heaps of mayo. Makes you want to grab a bier and get to work, huh?

In Argentina, the Choripon is a beef or pork sausage dog that’s sliced down the middle and laid on an oversized, crusty roll. It’s okay, you can cry for it – we are too.

If you’ve been drooling over the main image since you began reading, brace yourself. Crif Dogs are the artists behind The Spicy Redneck. The New York shop specializes in audacious hot dogs. Touted as a worldwide classic, it’s a bacon-wrapped dog, topped with chili, cole slaw and jalapenos.