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Utterly Unusual Vending Machines of Asia

While we love the convenience of vending machines in the west, in Asia vending machines are not only everywhere, but they dispense everything (especially in Japan). From things you need to things you probably don’t even want, there’s almost definitely a vending machine that sells it. We found 20 of the most utterly unusual vending machines of Asia.

Coca-Cola Vending Robot – Shibuya Station in Tokyo, Japan
The Coca-Cola robot terrorizing Shibuya Station in Tokyo, Japan will shoot you with lasers if you don’t buy a coke.

Anything and Whatever Vending Machine – Singapore
If you spend way too much time trying to decide what soda to get, just get whatever. Or do you really want anything? Anything and Whatever are soft drinks for people who don’t care what flavor they get… and the vending machine will surprise you every time. Although we’d would think twice before pulling “anything” or “whatever” out of some guy’s butt… what is with the graphic on this vending machine?

Ad Based Vending Machines – Japan
The best things in life are free, as long as you don’t mind sitting through a 30 second ad. New vending machines from Apex Corp allow customers to get ad supported drinks.

Rice Vending Machine – Himeji, Japan
Snacks in vending machines are nothing new, but enough rice to feed your family for a week?

Toilet Paper Vending Machine – Japan
When you’re in Japan, or any crowded part of Asia for that matter, you learn quickly that toilet paper is not to be wasted. That’s why some public rest rooms in Japan will charge you by the roll.

Egg Vending Machine – Nagoya, Japan
Japan is all about convenience. Need some eggs for tonight’s dinner? Just grab them out of the egg vending machine.

Sim Card Vending Machine – Hong Kong
In Hong Kong you can find SIM cards in subway station vending machines, but can you find a signal?

Canned Bread Vending Machine – Japan
Japan is all about convenience, which is why we’ve already seen eggs and rice in vending machines, but bread that comes in cans may just be a little too convenient.

Necktie Vending Machine – Japan
A vending machine for when you forget your tie. Does this happen to a lot of businessmen in Japan after a long night of karaoke and sake?

Cosmetics Vending Machine – Hong Kong
Of all of the last minute necessities cosmetics don’t really seem all that last minute. Although after a late night of partying, it might be nice to find one of these in the subway station in the morning to freshen up.

Human Vending Machine – Shibuya, Japan
They say that Japan has the highest number of vending machines per capita, but did they take into account that vending machines and humans are merging?

Umbrella Vending Machine – Tokyo, Japan
We couldn’t tell you how many times we left the house (or went on vacation) without an umbrella. Umbrella vending machines in Tokyo are a real life saver.

Nail Salon Vending Machine – Hong Kong
If you thought vending machine cosmetics was a bit over the top, check out the nail salon vending machine in Hong Kong.

Beer and Sake Vending Machines – Japan
You really can get anything out of a vending machine in Japan, as long it it’s before 11pm. That’s when they turn off the beer vending machines.

Used Panties – Japan
Remember when we said you really can get everything in Japan? Well it’s true (and disturbing).

Board Game Vending Machine – Japan
If you can get all kinds of entertainment like books and DVDs out of vending machines, why not board games? Monopoly is only 30,000 yen.

Pet Rhinoceros Beetles Vending Machine – Japan
Rhinoceros Beetles are common pets in Japan (which is unusual enough) and apparently they are so common that you can buy them from vending machines.

Smart Car Vending Machine – Japan
Wow. In Japan you really CAN get anythi—oh, it’s just an advertisement? Duh. We knew that. This Smart car vending machine just dispenses some marketing material.

Moss Covered Solar Powered vending Machine – Japan
Sometimes the vending machines aren’t unique for what they sell, but for how they’re powered. This moss covered solar powered vending machine from Japan is literally the greenest vending machine ever.

Emergency Free Drink Vending Machine – Kyoto, Japan
Since vending machines are pretty much everywhere in Japan, it occurred to some companies to use them for good, not evil (or capitalism). Some companies are adding emergency features to their vending machines so that employees can set them to dispense free water and soda in a disaster situation. These are already in place in subway stations in Kyoto.