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Urban Italy

If it isn’t already clear, we love a travel site that takes a different approach to traversing the world. Hotel reviews and restaurant critiques are helpful, but wouldn’t you rather have insight into the places not found in every guide book? Founder of the successful architecture tourism site Viaggi di Architettura, South African-born Mikaela Bandini recently expanded her scope with Urban Italy—a new website devoted to travel, design and the discovery of an alternative Italy in all forms. With a clear goal to help people discover something new and surprising.

Described as guide-blog for foreign archinauts and design-aholics, the site offers an alternative approach to Italian cities. Aimed at travelers who are on the lookout for great design deals, Mikaela features new industrial spaces, cutting edge architecture and souvenirs that don’t necessarily fit into your suitcase.

For more on Urban Italy’s b-side approach to the Boot, check out a full interview with Mikaela on Cool Hunting.