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This spaceship on wheels that appears to have come back from the future, is one of French designer Ora-ito’s  most innovative concepts.  The inspiration comes from Citroen’s car models, as the artist works for the car manufacturer. Although by encorporating UFO sculpture into the concept design, he has created a “mutated” version of a Citroen DS, which was appreciated in the automobile world for its aerodynamic body & futuristic look. The vehicle is certainly something straight out of a sci-fi scene, as one would expect an alien (or at least a person dressed like Robocop) to step out of it. Though the artist’s intention, to put the familiar image of a car through “ge­net­ic trans­for­ma­tions  to spread a uni­ver­sal mes­sage to the car in­dus­try through his artis­tic vi­sion and new di­rec­tions nev­er in­vesti­gat­ed be­fore,” is a little deeper than that.

via supertacular