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Top 7 Ice Hotels

We’re sure you’ve heard of ice hotels before, but Journey etc. recently put out a list of the world’s must see icy lodgings. The Top 7 Ice Hotels to Visit This Season probably isn’t for island lovers and beach dwellers, but will certainly appeal cold climate fans.

Since the Aurora Ice Museum in Fairbanks, Alaska has some issues with the fire marshall, they cannot promote their rooms. Though you can still request a room and have a unique experience with an indoor igloo, ice tree, ice bar, ice pulpit, ice sculptures, and ice chandeliers.

The original Ice Hotel in Lapland, Sweden has been the inspiration for ice hotels seen popping up across the globe.

Experiencing the Igloo Village in Austria in the middle of a ski resort is a guaranteed unique experience perfect for the curious, the adventurous, and the romantic. Included in the -40 degree experience is tea, cheese fondue, buffet breakfast, and fresh sleeping bags every day.

At the Kakslauttanen Hotel and Igloo Village in Finland, guests can choose from a number of log cabins (warm weather-friendly) or glass and snow igloos. Located just 250 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, it boasts the biggest snow restaurant and smoke sauna.

For the rest of the must see ice hotels, view the entire list at Journey etc.