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Top 5 Destinations for Volcano Enthusiasts

While seeking out volcanoes may seem crazy to some, volcano enthusiasts do exist. They are more than excited (as opposed to terrified) to see a flow of lava emerge from the ground or a river of liquid fire from the depths of the earth. Bootsnall recently listed the top 5 destinations these thrill seekers should visit.

Costa Rica has many areas of volcanic interest for you to discover. Hikes to see the volcanoes of Costa Rica will take you from jungle to peak, through some of the country’s magnificent national parks. There, you can visit landmarks such as the Irazu Volcano and its stunning green lake.

Iceland is an island whose very creation is a result of many undersea volcanic eruptions. Pay a visit to the beautiful landscape of Iceland’s highlands and you can expect to see geysers, awe-inspiring glaciers and lava deserts alongside a selection of active volcanoes.

Hawaii, like Iceland, is a group of islands said to have been ‘created by fire’ – formed after massive undersea volcanic activity in the Pacific. Quite apart from its reputation as a paradise island, which makes it a popular destination for many, Hawaii is undoubtedly a Mecca for volcano lovers. The Kilauea volcano on the Big Island is the most active volcano on the planet and – conditions permitting – you will be able to visit one of Kilauea’s active lava streams as it pours dramatically into the sea.

For the rest of the list, and videos of each volcanic destination, visit Bootsnall.