Home Food & Drink The Top 20 Bars & Beach Clubs for 2015 (1st Part)

The Top 20 Bars & Beach Clubs for 2015 (1st Part)

Migjorn Beach, Formentera, Spain  

10punto7 FormenteraPhoto: www.urbanjunkies.com/ibiza-guide/img/bg/10-punto-7.jpg

While everybody is bumping before one another’s Sunseeker  to stay at the best spot in the stuffed waters off Illetes Beach the cooler swarm is kicking again here. White chief’s seats sit in the shade underneath a bamboo overhang, gazing out to a stun of turquoise ocean.

In the event that you need to tumble on the sunny shore there’s a touch of get-together of overnight boardinghouses around the water; however at the weekends rounds of coffees transforming into calls for containers of sangria as the music scores straight up.