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The World’s Most Expensive Cars

What does the phrase expensive cars mean to you? You may be surprised at just how much some people are happy to spend on what is, essentially, a means of getting from A to B. Even if money were totally no object, many of us couldn’t justify spending seven figures on a car! But, there’s absolutely no harm in dreaming …

Born Rich compiled a list of ten of the world’s most expensive cars … some names will come as no surprise at all, whilst others may be completely new to you. There may be those that you secretly covert, whilst others you may not even care to give a passing glance.

Feast your eyes on these four wheeled beauties, allow yourself a moment of dreaming, and start saving up! These are some of the world’s most expensive cars, along with their (hefty!) price tags:

Koenigsegg Trevita – 2.21 Million

SSC Ultimate Aero – $740, 000

Maybach Landaulet – 1.4 Million

Koenigsegg CCX – 1.1 Million

Others include the Bufori La Joya, Hennessey Venom GT2, and 1998 McLaren F1. Unsurprisingly, Porsche also makes an appearance. These are certainly not cars that you want to be racing around dirt tracks in!

Take in a heaping dose of superb automotive engineering, luxury and elegant design, by viewing the rest of the list at Born Rich.