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The Stash At Jackson Hole – Terrain Park

Never heard of a terrain park? Me neither. Then again, when it comes to ‘extreme sports’ I’m too lazy to even think about them. So we’ll take Cool Hunting‘s word for it when they say that the Burton Stash at Jackson Hole takes terrain parks to a whole new level. The location’s natural surroundings blend beautifully with Stash’s features—and there are a lot of them. With four different runs and over 54 features in all, it’s the place for the skilled boarder. Included in its 13 acres, are several trails—Antelope Flats, Deer Flats, Ashley Ridge and Campground—all packed with log slides, jumps, pillows, and even a vertical wall ride suspended in mid air. From the Dancefloor to the Rollercoaster all the runs’ features mesh seamlessly into the hillside and offer a truly challenging, fun riding experience.

To experience it from your couch, check out this video below: