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The Coolest Winter Holiday Destinations

If leaving the cold behind isn’t your idea of winter fun, you might want to check out one of these cities. Named the Coolest Winter Holiday Destinations by Travelphant, they have just as much to offer as the typical tropical destinations…and they involve a whole lot more clothing.

A cosmopolitan metropolis in Canada’s Quebec province, Montreal is a buzzy, creative melting pot where the wine is always flowing and the bars are always rocking, even as temperatures plummet to Arctic depths. To experience Montreal spirit in all its glory, head to Igloofest which takes place over nine nights towards the end of January. It may be -35C but this music festival keeps the heat up, along with ice sculptures, caribou (a heady Québécois drink) and fancy dress contests. If raving is not your thing try the, more February’s, more sophisticated, High Lights festival which features food, wine, performing arts and all night bar crawls.[image]

St Petersburg in winter may be bitterly cold, but it is also pure fairytale. More Westernised than Moscow, whilst still retaining that quintessential ‘Russian-ness’, St Petersburg is one of the most evocative cities in the world and a great place to get in touch with the labyrinthine history of Russia. From baroque palaces to frosted squares and canals; the ‘Venice of the North’ is elegant, exotic and the perfect place to get in touch with your inner Anna Karenina.[image]

New York owns Christmas and, though it may be a cliché, as a festive winter getaway it cannot be beaten. From the gigantic ice rink by the Rockefeller to the tinsel strewn decorations that bedeck the windows of Macy’s and Saks, New York is winter is its entire commercial, fairy-lighted, Christmas carols on a loud speaker, glory. If you head out after Christmas day you’re in for a treat: Christmas sales galore and an epic New Year’s Eve celebration.[image]

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