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The Coolest Pools in the World

During this time of the year, if you’re in a location that experiences four seasons, any pool sounds pretty cool. Still, Journey etc’s Coolest Pools in the World list is sure to get you summer fever soaring.

Lie poolside at the Intercontinental Hong Kong and enjoy the luxe comfort of teak decks and romantic sunbeds. Let the pool concierge cater to your every need and the underwater music keep your feet tapping.

The San Alfonso Del Mar Pool in Chile  is the worlds largest pool according to the Guiness Book of World Records. It holds about 66 million gallons of water, sits on over 20 acres of land and its deepest point is at 115 feet. More ocean than pool, it’s definitely a spectacular scene.

The Amangiri Pool in Utah is part of a luxury resort that lies in the heart of the desert canyons. The incredible pool is built around a large rock formation and has a negative edge design, so all you will see while swimming is the big rock, water, stunning reflections and the sky.

What’s not to love about an amazing pool that can be enjoyed year round?  The lighting sets the mood in the pool of the Grace Hotel, located in Times Square, NYC.  A 40 foot bar, projector for movies, stadium seats and a DJ booth, ensure that swimming is really least coolest thing going on this pool.

The main image comes from the pool aka, The Tank, in Las Vegas. This $30 million pool located in the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, allows guests to swim with 16 kinds of sharks, stingrays, and about 300 varieties of fish…sort of. You actually swim among them, while a three-story slide will shoot you through the 200,000 gallon tank in 8 seconds.