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The Coolest Bike Food Carts

Move over food trucks, there’s a cool new guy riding through town…and he’s serving up food in an even more eco-friendly fashion. Bike Food Carts are the newest food on wheels phenomenon popping up in urban areas. Planet Green rounded up a few, though we’re sure there’s plenty more to be discovered.

On the Amsterdam-based Beerbike, you earn your beer by drinking while you peddle.

The Portland-based, Biscuit Bike sells vegan biscuits and gravy (or drowned in a variety of other tempting sauces), and kombucha from a local brewer that fills up the kegs on his bike.

This Taco Bike rides around San Francisco and comes complete with a greywater collection tank and a dining area on the back wheel.

The Hopworks bike comes complete with a wooden bar, a sound system, and two kegs to tap. The beer comes from Hopworks Urban Brewing.

Do you have a Bike Food Cart in your area? Tell us about it! In the meantime, check out the rest of the list at Planet Green.