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The 10 Oldest Buildings in the World

Hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters rock modern buildings and structures each day. Though it seems that nothing can take down the buildings featured in Buzzfeed’s list of the 10 Oldest Buildings.

Caral, Peru

A large ancient settlement in Peru, currently the oldest known city in the Americas, constructed in over 4,600 years ago.

The King’s Grave, Sweden

Constructed during the Nordic Bronze Age, this is an “unusually grand” double burial tomb from about 3,000 years ago.

Megalithic Temples of Malta

These free-standing structures were all used as religious temples, and are the oldest of their kind in the world, constructed between 3,500-2,500BC, also over 5,500 years ago.

Hulbjerg Jættestue, Denmark

Built 5,000 years ago, when this burial was discovered, there were forty individuals inside, one of which showed some of the earliest examples of dentistry work.

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