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Subway Architecture

We’ve seen some pretty smartly decorated subway stations, but these incredibly designed platforms are even cooler. Design Boom gathered images from some of the most architecturally interesting subway stations from around the world.

Built in 1972, Munich’s U-bahn subway system has the advantage of age. Its fairly modern plan is accentuated with some rather daring architecture. The Westfriedhof station seen here features gorgeous lighting installations by Ingo Mauer.

Located in the diamond area of Shanghai, the bund sightseeing tunnel provides passengers with an efficient way to get from point A to point B…along with a few pictures, patterns, and enchanting views.

One of the world’s newest subway systems is the automated rail network in Dubai. While it looks like something out of the future, it officially opened in September of 2009. This particular station features an awe-inspiring, curved roof design that covers the station and lets light in through small windows.

Moscow’s Komsomolskaya station definitely goes down as the most classically, elaborate subway station. Built in the 1930’s, the station boasts large chandeliers, vaulted plaster ceilings, hand painted frescoes, and arched walkways.

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