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Soma Airbag Designs

If you think your luggage takes a beating during travel, imagine what it does to a surfer’s beloved board. With SOMA AirBag Designs, jet setting surfers can rest easy knowing that their board will arrive in the same condition in which they left it. SOMA Airbag Designs has taken board bag protection to a new standard, as it’s exceptionally more protective than even the thickest of foam bags and way more convenient. Before they came along, there was minimal evolution of the protective surfboard bag design since its inception. SOMA has upped the ante by using a compounded functionality of medical grade polyester, with PVC triple coated materials and sonic heat welding. The result is a single continuous piece of material that is stretch free and lightweight, yet possesses superior strength. Their patented AIR-P technology protects the board from flexing or snapping due to extreme impacts.

Ask any surfer and they’ll tell you: a snug fitting board bag offers the best protection. This makes SOMA AirBag Designs the ultimate board bag, as they literally mold around the board like a glove. Sold for around $200, the inflatable surfboard bags feature individual columns of air that help disperse the force of some pretty intense-looking impacts.