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Smart Forespeed Concept

Perfectly complimenting the electric transportation array of Smart’s small vehicles is the equally smiley, Forespeed concept, ready to make a first appearance at the Geneva Motor Show due in March. This battery powered petite vehicle with LED headlights and honeycomb mesh grill is a roofless creation. Rumors about the car started pouring in as early as January, but whether or not it will see the light of production is still shrouded under mystery.

The zero emission car is propelled by a 40bhp electric motor mounted on the rear wheel. When fully charged, the Smart has a range of 84 miles, and a tendency to charge 80% in just 45 minutes. The tiny new model also has a concealed plug-in socket placed below the smart badge on the rear to rev up the lithium-iron battery.

With special touches like the absence of external door handles, attention-grabbing taillights, this roofless beauty’s tonneau cover will protect you from getting drenched in rain, which has the flexibility to either envelop the whole interior or exclusively the passenger side.

via AutoMotto