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Sleepbox: Portable Hotel Room

While we've featured concepts like this before, Sleepbox actually exists. Sleepbox is a self-contained room that can be placed in almost any location. Designed by Russian architecture firm Arch Group, each box is equipped with two beds, LED reading lamps, WiFi, electrical outlets, and plenty of storage space for your luggage.

The first Sleepbox was installed at the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow. Travelers can rent the room and sleep for several hours, making long layovers and miserable delays a pleasant, restful experience.

The unit on display is a two-bed Sleepbox, equipped with a ventilation system and power sockets for charging laptops and mobile phones. There are nightstands and fold-down tables by each bunk and luggage space under the lower bunk. Alongside general lighting, the Sleepbox is equipped with built-in individual reading lamps. The windows are covered with powered roller blinds that allow for a temporary private area.

Sleepbox has already sparked interest among passengers and large companies. Options for installing the units at airports, terminals, and in hotels are being considered.


Several models are being designed, from basic to somewhat excessive luxury. The stuff we like.