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Shape Changing Honda Individual Articulating Commuter

The folks that dream things up for Honda believe that with increasingly cramped space on the roads, the day when people have to get around using personal pods isn’t too far off. Keeping this future prospect in mind, designer Phillip Seagram has come up with ‘Individual Articulating Commuter’, designed for Honda. The Honda Individual Articulating Commuter is a mobility vehicle concept propelled by two 2 in-wheel motors. Designed to be charged when parked inside an IAC garage, the electric vehicle features a split door system to keep it compact even when the doors are open. Measuring 111 inches long, 43.65 inches high, and 58 inches wide, the compact vehicle changes its shape, from horizontally flat to vertically upright, according to the speed. It also allows in-wheel drive and includes a hidden balance wheel for a safe drive.

via Automotto