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Saffire Freycinet – Australia

Sure most people can relax on any old beach in front of any old hotel, but Saffire Freycinet, a soaring architectural and sustainable wonder, is the ultimate retreat for lovers of food, relaxation, and nature. The luxury resort that just-opened on Tasmania’s East Coast in Australia, is reminiscent of a bird in flight or a stingray gliding across the seabed. Its organic roof is constructed of curved Tasmanian wood, and sits atop huge windows looking out to the low-lying coast.

Housing just 20 intimate suites, sustainability is an important amenity at Saffire. Though guests won’t miss a single thing in rooms that are modern-yet-cozy, and offer complementary mini bar. Yes, a complementary mini-bar. From your room you can soak up the breathtaking vistas, but the resort encourages you to see it all up close and personal too. Saffire offers a host of unique outdoor excursions, including bike tours, visits to the resort’s marine farm and camping adventures to experience the amazing nighttime sky.

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