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The Rally Fighter is the next big thing in the automotive world, but you won’t find it any showrooms or sitting on any dealer lots, because you make this bad boy yourself. You buy a number, pay a deposit, and then head to a Local Motors micro factory to build your very own Rally Fighter from the ground up. In other words, Local Motors doesn’t even have a designer for their cars on staff. Each major system of the vehicle — whether it’s the exterior design, interior design or doors – are developed in an open source development process. Once there’s enough support for any single design, Local Motors will develop it openly. So members of the Local Motors community not only choose which designs are developed, but also, they get to help develop and name them. All in all, they provide a kit builder that challenges an Internet full of aspiring car designers to create a wild ride for series production.

Contests are held for different stages of development and the winner receives a monetary prize based on the importance of their particular system to developing the overall vehicle. For example, a door design might receive less money than say, exterior design. Making it a true community effort, each car Local Motors designs will be based on regional desires, tastes and preferences. Local Motors, along with the buyers themselves, will build a maximum of 3,000 Rally Fighters – each one presumably sweeter than the next.