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Plans for the World’s Largest Yacht

Just as the world (slowly) begins to recover from the effects of excess, a group of billionaires have decided it’s time to start on plans for the world’s largest yacht! Ambitious, creative, inspired, and rich, their project would not only be the biggest yacht on the planet but it would also be one of the most opulent and profligate.

If plans come to fruition and it is actually built, the floating palace will measure in at 656 feet (200 meters) in length, which is as long as two football fields placed end-to-end. Of course, they will need to fill all that space with some equally extravagant toys: a double decker cinema, a snazzy night club and a helipad should be just perfect for people such huge amounts of disposable income!

And what would be the price tag on this mega yacht? Approximately 1 billion dollars!

It would certainly be a decadent place to eat, drink, sleep, and party on the bobbing waves of the deep blue sea. Look ut for the world’s largest yacht appearing on an ocean near you … !

via CNN.com