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Ping Pong Hotel – China

We hope China is one of your dream (or favorite) destinations, because we have more of it for you today. The China Daily Newspaper reports plans to build a hotel shaped like an upside-down ping-pong paddle as part of a new $45.8 million sports complex. The concept includes rounded guestroom windows that will resemble the surface texture of a table tennis racket, while the “handle” of the 500-foot hotel will be an observation deck, allowing tourists to take in a view of the city of Huainan, where the hotel will be built. But the ping-pong racket hotel isn’t the only oddly shaped building in the works for the 165-acre sporting complex: there will also be a main stadium shaped like an American football, plus smaller stadiums and gym facilities shaped like a volleyball, soccer ball, and basketball.

via AOL Travel News