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Mikimoto Building – Tokyo

Mikimoto, the originator of luxury cultured pearls and in operation since 1893, houses their head offices in the amazing Mikimoto Building. Set in the trendy Ginza area of Japan, the structure is made of gleaming steel and reinforced concrete. It has been the company’s head office since construction as finished in 2005.

You cannot help but notice the unusual, appealing, and attractive building with its almost crazy paving like detailing – except for being on the floor it is up the walls! The cut-out detailing comes in the form of irregular shaped windows that are sporadically placed. The building was carefully designed to allow for the placement of windows close to the corners.

It is a fabulous sight both by day and by night. The quirky windows allow plenty of light into the gorgeous building.

Adding interest to the already visually appealing Tokyo skyline, the Mikimoto Building is a creation of architect Toyo Ito. He is renowned for his experimental and eye-catching designs … and he has certainly played a winning card with the fantastic Mikimoto Building.

Whilst the outside of the building is rather whimsical, inside is just as beautiful. A real sense of purpose, however, prevails. Spread over nine floors, plus a basement, the building is home to Mikimoto’s offices plus a shop. On the upper levels there are rental units, with a number of different companies having offices within the striking architectural marvel. There are also restaurants and cafes.

In a popular area whose name translates into the “place of silver”, it is a very fitting building and one that proudly stands amongst other glorious creations.

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