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Mercury Train Concept

Crowded cities and the need for a quick commute demand high speed trains. Keeping this in mind, design studio, Pristmanngoode, recently unveiled a high speed train concept for Londoners: The Mercury. Taking inspiration from the double-decker buses, they designed a double-decker train that features a flexible, open plan design allowing the onboard passengers to interact without compromising privacy.

Other outstanding features of this concept train include seats designed to incorporate in-transit entertainment systems in the private booth for families, private parties or business meetings, a children’s play area and a luxury first class section with luxury lounge and bar mirroring the choice offered to air travelers. Mercury is over 1300 feet long, has an elongated nose section and boasts a clean design – both inside and out –  that could very well attract business travelers and luxury lovers to travel by train yet again.

[via Auto Motto]