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Me No Speak

Knowing the language always makes for a more enjoyable trip. For when you just don’t have time to brush up on the basics, there’s Me No Speak. After a 13-month stay in Asia, Me No Speak founders Cheryn Flanagan & Benjamin Kolowich, created the clever language companions based on their experience with language barriers. Unlike typical phrase books, Me No Speak doesn’t require you to pronounce a foreign language, but provides communication help in the simplest way – by pointing at what you want to say when you just can’t find the words to say it. The passport-sized books are the perfect travel companion. Me No Speak will come to your aid when dining, shopping and most importantly – finding a bathroom

Currently available in Japan, China and Thailand versions, the Me No Speak guide provide menus that are formatted with the Westerner in mind. They’ll save you from dining disasters by making it easy to find and order food. They feature specialized content that will prove useful to vegetarians and travelers with food allergies. The guides also cover transportation, accommodation, shopping, and health & safety. Each topic is color coded and sections are designed to include all the information you need in one place, so no time is wasted fumbling around.

The China edition is available for download on iTunes, bringing the convenience of Me No Speak straight to you favorite gadget. At just $9.95 a book, picking one up is really a no-brainer. Customers have reported that it was by far, their most useful travel accessory.