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Luxury on Koh Samui

Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s most elegant islands.  Located off the south east coast, it can be reached by ferry or by air.  It is the country’s third biggest island and is part of the stunning Ang Thong National Marine Park.  There are plenty of places to eat, sleep, and drink, and there is certainly no shortage of luxury hotels and resorts.  Dine on the freshest seafood and coconuts in an array of beautiful restaurants and enjoy a tasty drink as you watch the sun go down over the ocean.

Pristine white sandy beaches, fringed by green overhanging palm trees, meet dazzlingly clear blue waters.  The interior of the island has some gorgeous rainforest covered slopes, allowing you to combine days of blissful relaxation by the sea, exciting water sports, and jungle explorations. You should definitely experience luxury on Koh Samui.

Some recommendations for a perfect luxurious stay on the island include:

1. Relax on Superb Beaches


The spectacular beaches are one of the main reasons that many people choose to visit Koh Samui.  There are several excellent beaches all around the island’s edges, each with a different vibe – if you are looking for a tranquil and relaxed air or whether you fancy hitting up one of the party hot spots, you’ll find something to suit your mood.  The popular beaches can get pretty crowded, so for more of an exclusive feeling you would be better staying at one of the high end hotels that has its own section of beach just for its guests to use.  As well as being able to feel like you have stumbled across your own little piece of island paradise you will also be able to benefit from the resort services, such as refreshing drinks and tasty snacks brought directly to your lounger.  Feel the sand between your toes, take a dip in the glistening ocean, and savor every moment.

2. Be Pampered at a Spa


Koh Samui is known for being one of the best places in the whole of Thailand for its decadent spa culture.  There are far too many luxury spas to try and list!  Book yourself in for a session, a whole day’s worth of pampering, or even longer!  Enjoy some blissful TLC with a staggering assortment of different treatments to soothe your mind, body, and soul and help you to feel great.  There are also yoga and meditation centres for even more calming activities.

3. Enjoy a Private Boat Trip


There are lots of smaller islands to explore, and what better way to get around that in your own private boat?  Choose between luxury yachts, speedboats, and charming sail boats as you visit even more stunning islands.  It is also possible to arrange private snorkeling and diving trips where you can head underwater and be dazzled by the colorful marine life all around.

4. Play a Round of Golf


Koh Samui is the best place in Thailand for golf lovers.  If a leisurely day of golf tickles your fancy you’ll be pleased to hear that Koh Samui has several world class golf clubs, all of which offer amazing views.  The 18-hole course at Santiburi Samui Country Club is one of the most popular for enthusiasts.

5. Watch a Spectacular Sunset


Head over to the west coast for some incredible sunset vistas.  Whether you choose to pick a private spot on the rocks or settle in at one of the pretty bars or restaurants, you will certainly be glad that you made the journey when one of nature’s best shows starts!  The Five Islands Restaurant at Taling Ngam is an excellent place to be for sundown, and another popular place is the lovely Scent Hotel with its colonial charms.  Alternatively, check out one of the fancy bars in the delightful Fisherman’s Village for sumptuous seafood at sundown.