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Ludicrous Vegas: Offbeat & Off the Strip

People that say they visit Las Vegas for the attractions are usually lying. Gambling, boozing and general debauchery describes the M.O. of the Sin City bound. While everything in Vegas in typically wacky and definitely wild, these off beat and off the Strip sites lie a few steps away from the glitz, synchronized fountains and overpriced eateries, to make up what we like to call – Ludicrous Las Vegas.

Atomic Liquors

Located at the sketchy end of Fremont, Atomic Liquors got its name from 1950’s rooftop parties where revelers watched the mushroom clouds from atomic bomb detonations at the nearby Nevada Test Site.

Pinball Hall of Fame

Soak up bright lights and cha-ching noises without the damage to your wallet at the Pinball Hall of Fame. Housing the world’s largest pinball collection, it’s filled with fun games that leave nothing up to chance.

Haunted Las Vegas Tours

Sure Vegas has many dark secrets, but a tour of the haunting grounds of Bugsy Siegel, Liberace and Elvis is bound to scarier than some of those showgirls. Haunted Las Vegas Tours takes visitors to more than 21 places where paranormal activity has been documented.

Frankie’s Tiki Room

The tagline Drink- Smoke -Escape may be Vegas as usual, but Frankie’s Tiki Room is a unique combination of south seas exotica and modern primitivism, with just a hint of Las Vegas kitsch.

Liberace Museum

Home of the world’s largest Rhinestone, the Liberace Museum also houses many of Liberace’s stage costumes, cars, jewelry and lavishly decorated pianos. Don’t blame us when you leave the place just a bit more flamboyant than when you arrived.

The Neon Museum

Neon, the classic Las Vegas art form, is celebrated and exhibited in The Neon Museum. This graveyard for over 150 signs, tells a unique story about the development of Las Vegas and its rich history.

The Atomic Testing Museum

Many Vegas shows are pretty explosive, but the Atomic Testing Museum slips back the veil on the Nevada Test Site, which served as the U.S. government’s primary nuclear weapons-testing facility from 1951 to 1992.

Double Down Saloon

If glitzy Las Vegas makes you yearn for its seedier past, head over to Double Down, where you’re told to shut up and drink…the signature drink. Its name? Ass Juice

The Soprano’s Last Supper

When you’ve seen just about all the acrobats and nipple tassles you can handle, check out this spoof on the hit mob series. The Sopranos’ Last Supper is an audience participation show that doesn’t feature a single gravity-defying act.