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London’s Taxi of the Future

Here in the U.S., we’re a little obsessed with just how “adorable” the taxis are in the U.K. That and the whole opposite side of the road thing. Designed to tackle the restrictions on space and emissions in the modern cities, this concept by Volkswagen, is part of their green Electric Taxi Concept. The model seen here  is the latest in VW’s ‘World Taxis.’

Powered by 5kW/h lithium-ion batteries that generate 112bhp, they provide the vehicle a range of 186miles and a top speed of 74mph. The vehicle was partially inspired by the iconic London cab, and  uses a long wheelbase and minimal front and rear overhangs to allow a driver to pick up two fares plus their luggage. On-board flat-panel displays offer complete trip information to passengers, as well as making translation. Payment is made easier via a card swipe in the rear cabin. Design details include tongue-in-cheek styling, such as a silver Union Jack on the roof and the City of London’s coast of arms printed on the doors.

via Automotto