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London’s Super Cool Street Art

When in London, there’s no need to visit art museums, simply look up, look left and look right. London’s vibrant graffiti culture is backed by individual writers, artists and crews that are always moving fast. From large-scale political showcases to quirky stencils and tags, the rainbow flecked streets captivate eyes and minds like no gallery could. Whether your an aspiring Banksy or have never even picked up a spray can, there’s something in this collection of London’s Super Cool Street Art that will tickle your fancy.

Part Shepard Fairey/Part Warhol, Miss Bugs’ (a boy and girl team) cutouts contain a mishmash of imagery from popular culture and references to street culture and graffiti.

Artist Aaron Smedley believes that “graffiti is nothing if not a competition, and competition never ends.”

Now this is rather uplifting.

Art Of The State is a collection of urban photography including a heavy dose of graffiti.

Invisible Made Visible is an online collection of street art photographed in and around the streets of East London over the last four years.

London Street Art Tours invites tourists and natives alike, to see the work of the world’s most famous street artists where it’s meant to be seen: on the street.

Pure Evil Gallery is an artist run space that pushes boundaries by showcasing an eclectic mix of art.

The East London Decapitator ‘terrorized’ London by targeting women in advertisements. Artist or psycho? Or both?

Doesn’t look like this London map will be of much use any more…

Banksy is an internationally known English graffiti artist whose work can be seen on streets all over the world.

The London based, D*Face’s work is playfully anti-establishment.