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Live the life aquatic in these unique hotels

Talk about a room with a view! Take a splash with the latest hotel craze – wall-to-floor fish tanks

For some people, a hotel room is just a place to catch up on sleep. For the more adventurous traveler, however, even a simple hotel room can be turned into an opportunity for some extreme travel.

The latest craze involves surrounding the room in reinforced glass containing a fish tank – some even feature sharks. Now that’s an interesting view while you doze off! Here are some of the most exciting fish tank rooms from around the world. You should try to Live the life aquatic in these unique hotels.

Atlantis Underwater Suite at the Palm Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The lost city of Atlantis provides the inspiration for the fish tank in this hotel room. The aquarium holds 65,000 marine inhabitants and floor to ceiling windows so visitors don’t miss a single thing. And it’s not just the bedroom that offers a fantastic underwater view – the suite also comes equipped with an en suite bathroom featuring the same floor to ceiling windows so guests can soak in the tub while viewing the marine activity.


The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort

Sleeping with the fishes never looked so attractive as it does at the Conrad Hotel in the Maldives. This resort in the Indian Ocean is only accessible by seaplane so it already has the wow factor. To take things up a notch, guests can also dine in the restaurant 16 feet below sea level, while sharks and stingrays float in the waters above their heads. On special occasions, the restaurant room is turned into a cozy bedroom for two.


The Tank at the Golden Nugget hotel, Las Vegas, United States

If spending the entire night in a room surrounded by fish seems a bit too extreme, there’s always the option of taking a quick slide through the tank instead. The Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas boasts a 200,000 gallon aquarium. A slide that starts 30 feet in the air takes a route through the tank, with thrill-seekers taking in views of sharks and other underwater creatures as they descend.