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Can’t get to Paris to stay at their new lit-themed hotel? Perhaps a jaunt to Los Angeles for a cocktail in a library-themed bar is more realistic. Of course, when you think of the city, books and literature are probably not the first things that come to mind. Sun, beaches, earthquakes, and films – yes. Hardcover classics – no. So it may come as a surprise that there is currently a trendy movement occurring in Los Angeles that has seen the marriage of books and bars. Several drinking establishments have lined their walls and shelves with everything from hardbound classics and modern novels to law encyclopedias and philosophical tomes. The relationship between alcohol and the written word is a strong one, with many famous writers who were known for their heavy drinking. Had Charles Bukowski, William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway made their way to modern day L.A. they certainly would have appreciated these digs.

Library Bar

Downtown L.A.’s fast-growing nightlife scene has seen the opening of numerous upscale bars, but this is certainly the first one to not only capitalize on the literary trend, but also suggest it in its name. Intimate spacing, plush stools and a classic-rock rockin’ jukebox add just enough kick to this library bar.


When you combine the talents of renowned chef Michael Mina and designer Philippe Starck, the result is a culinary and visual experience so stellar that it changes the landscape of nightlife on the Sunset Strip. Add to that the custom, decorative book collection created specifically for XIV by Juniper Books and you end up with an environment that truly exudes a stylish literary sophistication.

The Wellesbourne

Picture brass reading lamps, a bar menu printed on textured paper, over-sized bookshelves jammed with books and guest checks issued in miniature novels, and you get an idea of the detail that went into designing this literary bar. With a cozy fireplace and plenty of comfy seating, you can easily while the night away until last call.

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