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Jersey Shore Cast Hits Miami

Last year they blew through the New Jersey’s Seaside Heights like a summer storm, and now, the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore is about to reek similar havoc on South Beach, Miami. Season 2 of the mega reality series, that follows the guidos and guidettes we all love to hate, is set to begin filming shortly. According to Jaunted.com, a tipster spotted the case at the W Hotel Fort Lauderdale, where they’ll presumably be staying until they move into their new digs. According to TMZ and numerous other gossip sources, MTV already began filming the cast back at their homes, as they packed their studded and shredded clothing, tannin’ lotions, and hair gels into suitcases (or garbage bags?) in preparation for the trip down south.

The South Beach section of Miami Beach is a major entertainment destination, with hundreds of nightclubs,restaurants, boutiques and hotels -making it a recipe for disaster for the confrontational Jersey Shore crew. The influence of European and Brazilian tourists contributes to South Beach’s lax and overall tolerance of female topless sunbathing, despite it being a public beach – again, just another example of trouble waiting to happen.

Reports claim that MTV is anxious to start filming season two, in order to have it ready to air by the summer. So while the Jersey Shore tries to recover from their bruised ego, or perhaps deal with inflated tourism, the cast will be staining the image of South Beach simultaneously (via Jaunted).