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Jeff Koons’ BMW Art Car

The latest model in a 35-year-long run of BMW art cars was recently unveiled in Paris. The M3 GT2 was painted by American artist Jeff Koons with a multicolored theme that’s anything but tame. The design isn’t actually painted onto the car, rather what you see is a vinyl wrap covered with two layers of clear coat. BMW says the wrap was lighter than paint and it could be applied much more quickly. Koons’ flashy M3 GT2 will compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans on June 12.

Koons has wanted to design an art car since 2003, when he first approached BMW about the idea. He completed the project in just two months and unveiled it at Centre Pompidou, the very same place where Lichtenstein unveiled his art car in 1977. Koons said of his design: “These race cars are lifelike, they are powerful and there is a lot of energy. You can participate with it, add to it and let yourself transcend with its energy. There is a lot of power under that hood and I want to let my ideas transcend with the car — it’s really to connect with that power.”

story and images via wired.