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JapaDog – The Weird Japanese Hotdog

If you paid close attention to last month’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver, you should be familiar with JapaDog. You thought we were going to talk about ice dancing, didn’t you? Among the most popular local attractions were the two Japadog stands in downtown Vancouver.

True to Japanese culture, JapaDog takes an ordinary hot dog and adds an interesting twist (and a ton of unexpected toppings), to make it better than anyone could have imagined. Their best seller is the Terimayo, an all-beef dog with teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, fried onions and nori (seaweed).


Inspired by the obscene lines during the Olympics, the owner has that decided his vision is ready for a New York City debut. Considering New Yorker’s love for trendy food and street vendors, we’re sure JapaDog will be a Big Apple hit.


For a closer look at what all the hype is about, check out the JapaDog website. To watch a video of people waiting in line for well over an hour to get their hands on a JapaDog, visit Olympics Fanhouse