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Inside a Japanese Love Hotel

A love hotel is a type of short-stay hotel found in Japan that provides a place for couples to enjoy anonymous, uninterrupted sex. For those of us that might never spend time in one, researcher Younghee Jung describes in great detail, the design of Japanese love hotels. He begins his description by explaining that entrances of love hotels are characteristically discreet, so that there is no view of the lobby from the street. Typically, a large board with pictures of all rooms will be displayed in the lobby. Photos of available rooms will be lit up on this board. In order to avoid human contact during the check-in process, most hotels will have this board spit out they key with the press of the button.

As they head to their room, guests will notice a lack of common amenities such as a gym, restaurant or lounge. It is assumed that they won’t be spending any time outside of the room during their stay, or ‘rest’ as its referred to.

To ensure discretion, anything that guests might need are in the room or can be delivered to the room. Entertainment in the form of Karaoke machine, TV with all cable channels including a few adult channels, pay-per-view functions, video game console, rentable movie and game DVDs, a mini pachinko (slot) machine and a radio is usually available. A mini-bar of sex toys, drinks, and a range of rental cosupre (costume play) outfits are also at the guests disposal.

What happens next? Well, we suppose Jung wanted to leave all that up to your imagination.