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IKEA for Paris Metro

When you don’t have anything to do on a Saturday, spending it at IKEA is always a good time. Whether you lounge in their faux rooms or dine on swedish meatballs and ligonberry (whatever that is), the Scandinavian furniture giant doesn’t disappoint. Known for their unique marketing stunts, in 2008 they reconstructed of the Oval Office in DC’s Union Station. They’ve also taken over Japanese subway trains, where standard seats were replaced with IKEA furniture. In their newest marketing campaign, IKEA has furnished four of Paris’ busiest metro stops with sofas, lamps and trompe l’oeil-like posters of cabinets and bookshelves. The live installation will take place through March 24th.

IKEA hopes that by creating this outrageous, unexpected space, passengers in transit will test out the comfort and durability of their Ektorp and Kalstad couches or Brasa floor lamps.

The sight of a cozy living room during a daily commute should cheer up passersby…just as long as they aren’t asked to put any of the furniture together.