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HI Hotel – France

Hi, a 38 room urban hotel in Nice located just 600 feet from the sea, is bold and creative. Described as an active hotel where everything is modulable and available to use, Hi is a ‘hands-on’ space. Hi-dentity’s rooms are inventive and fun, with the newest technology and fresh ideas sure to please any adventurous guest. Each room is unique and bright, and their names –  Techno Corner, Up & Down, Happy Day, White & White, Indoor Terrasse, Digital, Redez Vous, Monospace and Strates – make that pretty clear.

Techno Corner is devoted to image and sound like a personal auditorium. The widescreen television acts as a folding screen between the bathroom and the room. The sofa has built in speaks and headphones with a musical collection from the Kompakt label in its arm rests.

Up & Down is decorated with braided chestnut shelves dividing the room into two zones: the upper zone for services, the lower zone for relaxing.

Rendez vous is a modular space that can be a bath lounge or a working area. The bathtub is lava stone, large and welcoming. The room comes complete with a private terrace, complete living space with a shower and modifiable seating.

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