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Geely McCar Combines Car & Mototcycle

It’s certainly been too long since we’ve featured a cool vehicle. Geely McCar is cool, cute, and has an adorable name to match. Aww. In essence, Geely is an ultra compact, two-door, four-seater with a built-in, folding three wheeled electric scooter in the rear. When the scooter is docked, the car shares both its battery and electric motor to extend the all-electric range or ensure the scooter is fully charged. The vehicle is proposed as having choice of gas-electric hybrid or fully electric powerplants.

The Chinese concept vehicle doesn’t present a totally new idea. The vehicle-in-vehicle concept has previously been explored by General Motor’s 2007 Flextreme Concept (which incorporated his and hers Segways in the rear), Honda’s 2009 EV-N battery electric vehicle (with a U3-X one-wheel personal mobility device embedded in the passenger door) and Suzuki’s 2007 Pixy + SSC Concept as it’s a logical way of adding “last mile” transport, car pooling and overcoming the inevitable urban congestion China will face. China currently has 125 cities with more than a million people. America has nine cities that large. Between now and 2030, China will need to accommodate a further 350 million people in its cities. Clearly, traffic congestion will reach new heights as the world’s most populous country grows rich.

via GizMag