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Futuristic Fantasy Hotels: 14 Wild Concept Designs

We feature some pretty awesome hotels here, but concept designs are what really lets our wandering imaginations go wild. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a hotel that’s located on the sea floor, serviced by airships, precariously perched on a cliffside or adorned with a 10-story statue of a robotic Michael Jackson? These 14 hotel concepts, as presented by WebUrbanist are imaginative, futuristic and sometimes humorously wacky, but perhaps not all of them are destined to be unbuilt forever…

The MORPHotel was inspired by a spinal cord, able to adapt its shape to the weather conditions and the geography of various ports and harbors. Designer Gianluca Santosuosso made the design mobile, so that it can travel all over the world moving tourists from one spot to another much in the same way as a cruise ship.

This isn’t concept art from a new movie set on another planet – it’s The Graft Tower, an eco-hotel and vertical farm designed by Diego Taccioli, Sizhe Chen and Tyler Wallace. Imagined as a ‘net-plus resource building’ providing food, water and energy for a neighborhood in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the eco-tourism hotel resembles a living being and literally ‘grows’ by grafting fibers around skeletal frames. Pod-like hotel rooms and other habitable spaces nestle in the tower like egg sacs in a cobweb.

This stunning concept hotel by Heerim Architects takes a little inspiration from Star Wars and a lot from the moon. Designed for the Azerbaijani capital of Baku, the duo of futuristic structures are individually named Hotel Full Moon and Hotel Crescent. Their appearance changes drastically depending on the viewer’s location.

Designer Milla Rezanova imagines a spherical hotel dramatically set into a cliffside over the ocean, which would certainly provide unparalleled views. The Sphere Hotel was conceived for – where else – Dubai, and would be located 300 meters from the shore on an artificial island connected to the mainland with a bridge.


Eccentric and over-the-top just like the man the design is dedicated to, the ‘Michael Jackson Robot Hotel’ features a massive sculpture of – well – Michael Jackson. As a robot. An entry in the Michael Jackson Monument Design Competition, this concept, by Timothy Patterson, is a multimedia entertainment complex in Las Vegas with guest rooms and a shopping center.

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