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ForFreedom Caravan

Caravans and RVs are an ideal way for families and large groups to get out and explore the country. Which is why these homes on wheels have been a vacation favorite for generations. ForFreedom, a caravan concept by Robert Williams, is an expanding living unit that attaches to a car – but is designed specifically for an for urban couple in the need of a short break.

The ForFreedom Caravan’s flowing form is aimed at creating stability and fuel economy.  Its compact size makes the caravan easy to handle and simple to connect to your car.

The ForFreedom Caravan may look small from outside, but its interior is rather spacious. Modern furnishings, a standard size bathroom and plenty of storage space allows riders to bring with them some comforts of home, despite the compact design. Several eco-friendly features set ForFreedom apart from standard caravans. Fiber glass walls with closed cell insulation ensure for proper heating, while solar panels provide electricity.

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