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Five best safaris in Africa

“Hillman Wonders” which is the world’s leading wonder authorities has listed top five best safaris in Africa according to the travelling experience they provide. There are many great safaris throughout the continent however the following five take the prize.

1. Serengeti in Tanzania is listed as number one safari destination and game reserve in Africa because of many reasons. First of all, the annual migration which attracts thousands of tourists each year is a spectacular experience of nature. Besides, Serengeti is one of the world’s largest safari park and offers a possibility to experience a sight of unlimited numbers of large safari animals including the Big Five: lion, elephant, cape buffalo, leopard and rhino. Night Safari is offered as well as many lodges for accommodation, from tents to luxurious bungalows.

2. Ngorogoro crater in Tanzania is ranked as the number two place to be. The possibility to see great game is high, animals do not migrate from the crater since plenty of lakes and ponds which supply water are there. There are several cultural bomas available for visit as well as many lodges to stay at. Even short walking-safaris can be done, however they should be done with a guide. Ngoro crater safari offers birdwatching, sightseeing of lakes and volcanoes and game watching.

3. The Kruger Reservation in South Africa has earned an honourable third place in this list. Kruger takes up 2 million hectares and is one of the most renowned safaris in SA. A variety of game drives are offered both in the morning and so called sunset drives. Walking safaris on Wilderness Trails can also be done which allow a better connection with nature and meeting local tribes. Whether you choose mountain biking or conquering backpacking trails, Kruger offers something for everyone.

4. The Okavango Delta in Botswana is also considered as one of the best safaris. Okavango is the largest inland delta in the world which empties in the Kalahari desert, it is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage. A wide range of safaris are offered here: riding, walking, self drive or photographic. in case of self drive safari, planning of accommodation and fuel consumption is advised. If you want to see the game the best time to visit is July or August when the delta is drying and predators can hunt easier. Birdwatchers might consider October as the best option.

5. Maasai Mara, which is an extension of Serengeti in Tanzania and shares the big migration is listed as number five. The wildebeest migration starts in July-August and is the main attraction. A large amount of lodges throughout the area is available, some of them even offers spa. You can take a game drive, experience walking safari or see safari from a baloon. Baloon safaris usually start at sunrise and last for one hour. At the end, do not forget to experience the culture of The Maasai people plays a big role in conservation of the area.

Whether you go on safari for the big game, to track wildebeests or experience The Maasai people it will be a mindblowing experience regardless which safari you choose.