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Festivals in Latin America you have to experience


The variety of carnivals in Latin America is huge, the festive atmosphere of a carnival in Rio cannot match the sober ambience of Day of the Dead in Mexico. By attending any of the listed carnivals you will learn about the culture, religion and traditions of each country.All these euphoric festivals in Latin America you have to experience are contagious so be ready to dance salsa, participate in religious rituals, learn to dance tango and beat African drums.

Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Festival_rioCarnival in Rio is the world´s largest with approximately 2 million people dancing on the streets each day. The Carnival last four days and is continued by Lent which has a religious and cultural significance. The first Rio Carnival ever was held in 1723. The main focus of the party is a competition between samba schools. Parties usually last all day and night and they take place everywhere in the streets and squares, bars, clubs and take over the entire city culminating in the Rio Carnival Parade. Everyone in Rio, from tourists to locals are enjoying the euphoric atmosphere during the carnival. Dance to samba moves, drink local mojitos and relax at the Copacabana between dancing sessions.

Day of the dead, Mexico

festivals_muertas_mexEach year on November first and second, the Día de los Muertos is celebrated in Mexico. Two-day festivities mark a reunion of families and their dead relatives. Besides eating lots of food and consuming vast amounts of alcohol people also pray, visit and decorate graves and burn incense.

World Tango Championships, Buenos Aires, Argentina

festival_tangoSince Argetina is the birthplace of Tango, each year in August a competition for the world tango crown is taking place in Buenos Aires. Professional dancers from around the world come here to test their skills and perform. You can watch dancing or take tango dancing classes and show off your own skills. Numerous venues in Buenos Aires are arranging small scale competitions at that time.

Montezuma Film Festival, Costa Rica

festival_montezumaMontezuma Beach, Costa Rica

In Costa Rica in November the International Film Festival is taking place. During those five days you can watch international movies, from documentaries to science fiction from the whole world, you can also visit exhibitions, listen to live music and attend lectures. You can relax on the beach or surf during the day and experience cultural life in Costa Rica in the evening. Make sure to relax at Montezuma beach between movies sessions.

Semana Santa

festivals_semanasantaAlmost all countries in South America celebrate the Holy week which is considered as the most important religious festival, the most famous celebrations are in Colombia, Peru and Chile. During the Holy week each day has different religious rituals and processions through the streets. Many people meet for praying together and for remembering the dead.

Panama Jazz Festival, Panama


Panamá City, Panama

This jazz festival is held in late January each year to attract tourists and engage locals in cultural festivities. During the festival, well known artists and local enthusiasts enter the stage. In the evening you can enjoy free concerts performed by students of music schools and musical activities for kids are available, the choice is yours.

Fiesta de San Juan Bautista, Venezuela

festival_juanbatistaAlmost all countries in the Carribian celebrate St John the Baptist who is a patron saint. Between June 23. and 25. many festivities take place and are accompanied by dancing, African drums and festive meals.

Festival of the Snows, Peru

festival_peru_snowThis festival is one of the coldest festivals on earth as it takes place annually in May on a remote Peruvian glacier. More than 40 000 pilgrims gather to celebrate three days and nights of intense fiesta called Qoyllurit’I. Music, dancing and meal sharing are main activities in this cold environment. After festivities pilgrims make a 5000 miles journey though the cold landscape.