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Extravagant Outdoor Beds in Hotels

Sleeping under the stars sounds like something people talk about, but rarely do. Unless you like to rough it in a sleeping bag, a skylight or good view from your bedroom window is as close as you’ll get. That is, unless you make the trip to one of these hotels offering luxe outdoor accommodations. Sleeping under the stars and sleeping on the ground certainly do not go hand in hand at these digs. Concierge.com pulled together nine extravagant beds that just happen to be outdoors.

Loisaba, on Kenya’s Laikipia Plateau hosts each bed on a large platform set about ten feet off the ground and 100 feet apart, ensuring privacy.

At Blue Mountain Private Safaris in Australia, the beds are padded and lined with fine cotton, and laid out on decks by the Wollondilly River, 75 miles southwest of Sydney.

At Ol Donyo Wuas in Kenya, there’s a permanent bower on the roof deck above every suite that can be done up with fresh soft cotton linens, blankets, and hot water bottles.

Amangiri, the extravagant 600-acre resort near the Navajo Nation in Utah, is one of the best places in the United States for star-gazing: The air is clear and dry, and there’s very little ambient light.

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