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Eco Travel: Explore These Fantastic Eco Destinations 2016

Is it important for you how people, animals and nature are taken care of in the country you plan to visit? The non-profit Ethical Traveler has published it's annual list of the 8 most ethical developing countries in the world. 

Eco destinations of 2016

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THe non-profit organization Ethical Traveler was founded by the journalist Ralph Crawshaw nearly fifteen years ago. Back then, Crawshaw encouraged travelers to boycott Burma in the late 90’s while he was passionate about sustainable traveling.

“Travel is a way to broaden a person’s mind. The mind should not only be focused on a travelers immediate rewards – new sights, smells and sounds – but also on how other cultures do things differently, says Ralph Crawshaw. When Ethical Traveler published this list, they took following things into account: if countries care about the environment, equal social welfare, respected human rights and how they treat animals.

The winners of “Ethical Travel 2016” are:

1 – Grenada


2 – Cape Verde


3 – Micronesia


3 – Mongolia


4 – Panama

Avenida Balboa and Cinta Costanera

5 – Samoa


6 – Tonga


7 – Tuvalu

8 – Uruguay


Out of these eight countries, the social welfare is most equal in Uruguay and Panama but Cape Verde is called a ” rising star ” by Ethical Traveler because many women have high positions in both public and private sectors. The International Women’s Day is a national holiday. Cape Verde, Samoa, Uruguay and Micronesia score high for their respect for human rights.

When it comes to animal welfare, Uruguay recently established laws to protect dogs and horses among other species. Panama has banned dog fights and bullfighting and Grenada has made huge efforts to protect whales. Non-profit organizations in Cape Verde have done an impressive job to protect turtles.