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Explore Taipei by Boat, Bus and Bicycle

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If you fancy a chance to explore Taipei, don’t let Taipei’s traffic congestion limit you to the MRT! Check out the city’s boats, buses and bicycles for some awesome places to visit in Taipei City.


Explore Taipei During Rush Hour
Escape the traffic: Explore Taipei on its boats, bikes & buses

Explore Taipei City by Boat

In Taipei, water isn’t far away. So take these boat journeys to get some wind in your hair!

Explore Taipei and Tamsui from the water
Riverside Views from Tamsui: Explore Taipei on your bikes


It’s a quick walk from Tamsui MRT station to the Ferry Pier. Then jump on a ferry to Bali right across the Tamsui river. The mangroves, street food, and spectacular views towards Yangminshan attract visitors year round. When you return, explore the Old Street. You can taste Tamsui’s local delicacies, or stay to appreciate the amazing sunsets.


Fisherman’s Wharf where ferries arrive at sunset


Why not sail from Tamsui Ferry Pier to Fisherman’s Wharf? You’ll see fishing boats arriving with the day’s catch and tourist boats setting off with theirs. Are you brave enough for a whale or dolphin excursion? In the evening, you’ll relish Fisherman Wharf’s romantic sunsets visible from the Long Pier or Lovers Bridge. Besides, why not ride up Lovers Tower for an aerial experience worth remembering.


Guandu River Queen at berth, taken at night


Guandu Wharf is home to the “Great River Queen.” The replica Mississippi riverboat sails on holidays and weekends. Look out for roundtrips or rare sailings to Dadaocheng in Taipei. It serves parties and dinner guests as well. Contact tourist information for a unique Taipei itinerary on the water.


Maokong Gondola with Taipei 101


Maokong Gondola sails elegantly above the canopies of trees, away from the hubbub of Taipei. Within 15 minutes, you’ll be enjoying the rustic tea farms and breezy mountain trails. Traditional shrines and temples adorn Maokong, too. The system runs daily, except non-holiday Mondays or during bad weather.

Ride Taipei’s Bicycle Network

Get your feet moving by riding Taipei’s large urban bicycle network, even if you don’t own a bike.

Explore Taipei on a YouBike


YouBikes are available at locations all over Taipei, convenient for pick up or return. Just rent your YouBike via a mobile phone app and pay with Easy Card. Besides, private bike rental companies offer specialist bikes. Tandems, pedal-powered rickshaws, and multi-rider bikes add to the fun factor for everyone!


Irregular bike choices for riding on Taipei Urban Bike Network


Tourists can even rent low-powered electric bikes in Taipei without a driving license. Many bike rental stores also provide these bikes, but you’ll need a security deposit. Electric bikes also offer a great way to explore Taipei outside your typical itinerary.

Take the Wait Off By Bus

Catch a City Bus or Tour Bus for convenient stops all over the metro area


Explore Taipei via the Hop On/Hop Off Buses. First off, the Blue Route takes you north towards Taipei Children’s Park. Then there is Shihlin Night Market and National Palace Museum. The Red Route meanwhile runs eastwards stopping at YongKang Street. Further up, you’ll find Taipei 101 and Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall.


Newly Opened Taoyuan MRT Train Arriving at Station
Newly Opened Taoyuan MRT Train Arriving at Station

When you travel on the Taoyuan Metro from metropolitan Taipei to Taoyuan and the International Airport, the elevated ride provides stunning views over Taipei, so get out your camera. Later, stop off at Mitsui Outlet Mall in Linkou where you’ll find duty free shopping in a comfortable environment.

However you get around Taipei, you’ll find lots of wonderful places when you come to visit Taipei City. Now add these suggestions to your Taipei To-do-list.

Photos taken here courtesy of LookThroughTheLens.com.